The importance of signage

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A very important part of running a business is signage. Yes, you might go “that’s obvious”, but, do you really know how important it is? Well, if you don’t, we are going to help you find out. But, before that, let’s get acquainted with a few basic facts and details.

One of the first things about signage is that it allows customers to trust you. Studies tell us that most customers prefer to shop with a brand they’ve heard about. So, it’s obvious that your brand needs signage achieved recognition.

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Primary function

Signage in the form of sign boards serve as branding tools and even as a silent salesperson. They draw in the high level of attention that you’re looking for and help your business standout from the competition. Similarly, the signage you implement on the inside can help people find their way around the store or the place of business activity.

For example, how would you navigate through a supermarket? You’d obviously look at the signage. To put it simply, signage can boost the level of convenience experienced by customers while establishing a link between them and your business.

Different kinds of signage

As indicated earlier, signage comes in varying shapes, sizes, designs and purposes. Branding signs allow you to highlight your business while safety signs help you maintain safety. There is a sign for anything and everything.


Signage forms a key part of a business’s marketing strategy. A simple sign with the company logo serves as an effective branding tool. Other than that, signage can be leveraged to offer detailed information about your business.

Signage can also serve as a cost-effective method of marketing. Yes, there may be digital alternatives out there, but, when your business isn’t present in the digital landscape, signage becomes necessary. For instance, if you run a small store, a website wouldn’t serve as an ideal marketing tool. You’ll need to depend on signage more than anything else.

The statistics

According to separate studies conducted by researchers from the Economic Center at the University of Cincinnati and marketing solutions company FedEx Office:

  • 76% of customers walked into a business purely by assessing the signage used.

  • 75% of customers engaged in word of mouth marketing purely because they were impressed by a brand’s/business’s signage.

  • 68% of customers made assessments regarding quality about a business based on the way their signage looked.

  • 67% of customers made the decision to purchase from a particular outlet or business based on how attractive their signage was.

  • 60% customers would choose to avoid a business if it did not have signage.

  • 60% of businesses reported a spurt in sales after they made changes to their signage or made it more visible. The average increase was reported to be around 10%.

  • 50% of customers would choose to avoid a business if their signage wasn’t proper, that is if it had spelling errors or appeared to be of low quality.

  • 38% of large businesses use signage for effective branding. For small businesses, signage is primarily used to increase visibility.

So, as you can see, signage matters, and if you want quality signage, The Whiteboard Shop is where you need to go.

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