Returns & Refunds

Return Of Goods

1 Goods cannot be accepted for return without the prior consent of the Seller; which will be given at the sellers discretion. Subject to clause 11.1 (of the Terms and Conditions), customized, made-to-order or non-stock goods shall not under any circumstances be accepted for return. For the avoidance of doubt non stock goods are referred to as custom products, made-to-order or similar reference to separate them from standard stock.

2 A handling charge of up to 20% of net order value or a minimum of £40 will be made on all goods (other than customized or non-stock goods) returned, but the seller may agree to a lesser charge in its sole discretion. The invoice price in respect of bespoke or non stock goods shall be payable notwithstanding any such return. The seller must be notified within 14 calendar days of purchase if the buyer wishes to return goods.

3 Any goods returned in accordance with these terms must be in pristine condition, unused and in their original packaging. Failure to meet these requirements will result in being returned to the buyer and payment in full will become due in accordance with the terms of clause 5 (of the Terms and Conditions). Goods will not be accepted for return more than 14 days after shipment.

4 All goods must be returned to our Northamptonshire site by suitable transport. This must be a door to door service and not a parcel carrier. We will quote a collection charge if you are unable to provide suitable transport.

5 Risk in any goods to be returned remains with the Buyer until the goods are delivered to the Seller or until the Seller collects such goods.


1 If delivery is delayed for more than three months the Seller has the option of cancelling the contract and refunding any payment made by the Buyer.

2 When you click to make a purchase with us legal obligations arise and your right to refund of monies charged to your credit card or paid in any other way agreed by us, are limited by our terms & conditions.

3 Should The Whiteboard Shop reduce its price on any shipped products within 10 working days of shipment, you may contact us and request a refund of the difference between the price you were charged and the reduced selling price. To receive the refund you must contact us within 14 days of shipment.

4 Goods with a value of over £500 or where a shipping charge is applicable, and which the buyer elects to return, can be returned by the buyer at the buyer's sole expense to the destination from which those goods were shipped. Additionally, the seller will not be liable to reimburse the buyer for any shipping charged to deliver the original order to the buyer.