Why printed whiteboards are a great idea!

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Why Printed Whiteboards are a Great Idea

Walk into any classroom or lecture hall today and what are you likely to see? Whiteboards in the place of chalkboards. The change isn’t just limited to classrooms or lecture halls; you’ll find whiteboards to be the norm even in churches, corporate boardrooms and hospitals.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re a part of, you are bound to find whiteboards everywhere you go. It’s the standard teaching/instruction aid of today. There are several reasons why whiteboards are so successful. For instance, studies have shown that they make discussions and lectures far more interactive.

But, thanks to another step in the evolution of whiteboards, we’ll be seeing more benefits to using them. Today, we’ll be specifically discussing printed whiteboards. Manufacturers now have the ability to either digitally print whiteboards or use vinyl.

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Irrespective of whether its vinyl-printed or digitally printed, printed whiteboards offer a lot of benefits in general. Let’s take a look at few of those benefits.


Now, a plain whiteboard is great for teaching classes and having discussions. However, if your whiteboard is being used for something more process oriented, you can use a printed one. For instance, if you need a board to write down the day’s duties for your employees, you can have one printed with a grid that lists out the objectives and who or what team will be responsible for them. You can have an index-like grid printed out with tags such as “Objective/Target”, “Assigned To” and “Deadline”.

That way, you just have to fill out space under the given categories. There’s no need to write the whole thing from scratch every day. Plus, the detailed way in which the information is organised will make it easier for people to understand.


The other benefit of printed whiteboards is that they can help you with your branding efforts. To be more specific, printed whiteboards will boost your brand identity, which, in turn, will boost your overall branding. Your brand identity is basically the sum total of all the visual branding tools you use. This could include corporate t-shirts, decals, pens and office stationery.

Now, you can add a printed whiteboard to the list. It can do wonders for your brand identity, which is a critical part of branding. It can help restore a sense of loyalty and pride within the organisation. For example, if you were to use a printed whiteboard containing your logo for a client presentation, your client is going to be impressed with the fact that you’re proud of your brand; proud enough to have the logo even on a whiteboard.

Other than that, it has also been observed that the use of printed collateral within the organisation can help establish authority and increase professionalism. For instance, it can help your employees remember and function according to your organisation’s values.

On the whole, it’s great for business.

So, stop waiting and get yourself a printed whiteboard. Even if you don’t have a business to highlight, you can get one for personal use, customised with cool graphics, images and whatnot.

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