Wooden Notice Boards

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Trying to decide which notice board would be the right one for you can be daunting. There are so many options these days that one can become easily confused. At times like these always consider trusted and tried materials and think of what lasts. No matter what new products or materials may be invented natural, more often than not, especially in this case, is always better.

You can never go wrong with wood. Plastic cracks, metal rusts but wood just keeps on lasting. By its very definition it’s built to last, in any weather. It only needs minimal treatment to preserve it. Paint it or varnish it and your wooden notice board will stand the test of time.

There is a choice of free standing as well as wall mounted wooden noticeboards and both options are durable. Wood is renewable and the manufacturing process of your wooden noticeboard doesn’t harm the environment like so many other products. Wood is completely natural so you know it’s biodegradable and because it ages so well if you use the correct treatment initially it will never become an eyesore.

A great benefit to using a wooden frame notice board is that it is made with the finest quality strong thick durable glass. The glass windows or panels are lockable and once the desired posters or pictures have been placed inside and the glass windows have been closed and locked you can rest assured that they will be perfectly safe for months. There is no need to worry about weather damage to the paper or whatever other medium chosen to display information. It will not get wet as the glass and design of the display casing within the wooden notice board ensures that minimal moisture gets into the display unit.

The Whiteboard Shop stocks the best products which are both quality and value for money because of our competitive prices and our efficient service is always excellent. We have a range of wooden noticeboards and there’s even the option of coloured boards, eg red, blue and white. The sizes range from 1800x1200mm to 1200mmx1200mm. Or speak to one of our consultants about a custom made wooden noticeboard taylor made to your specific requirements. Our professional staff will be able to advise you regarding the size and colour of the board best suited to your needs, as well as answer any other questions that may arise.

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