An introduction to glass whiteboards

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If you’ve read some of our earlier blogs, you’d know that we’ve already discussed a lot about whiteboards. However, one particular type of whiteboard that we haven’t covered yet are glass whiteboards. Isn’t that a strange sounding name? “Glass whiteboards”?

Well, it’s not as strange as you think it is and don’t worry, we’re going to be exploring this particular kind of whiteboard in this blog. So, you will know why they’re called glass whiteboards.

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What is a glass whiteboard?

Now, we all know that whiteboards are a boon. They are super-functional, durable and can breathe life into your lectures, teaching sessions and other interactive endeavours. Glass whiteboards are quite similar, but, they offer a few extra benefits.

They’re called glass whiteboards because they actually have a layer or sheet of glass laid over on top. In other words, a glass whiteboard is basically a regular whiteboard that has a sheet of glass placed on top. You’re probably wondering why this is done.

Well, there are a specific set of benefits to this, which we will be discussing further. Let’s begin.

They are easier to clean

You use markers to write on your whiteboard. It’s the same for glass whiteboards too. However, there are special glass whiteboard markers that you need to use.

The advantage with glass whiteboards is that when you wipe off your writing, there is almost no residual marker ink. The glass stays spotless and that leads to increased durability. So, if you invest in a glass whiteboard, you can be sure it’ll stay unmarked and spotless for years to come.

Amazing to look at

Whiteboards look good, no doubt. However, glass whiteboards look stunning. Just check out a few images on Google search if you can and you’ll know what we’re talking about. They are outstanding in terms of aesthetics.

In fact, you could just put them up as a decorative element. They’re that great to look at. There’s a reason why some of the most professional spaces such as corporate boardrooms or conference halls use glass whiteboards. They look professional and blend in with the overall aesthetics of such spaces.

The glass sheets or marker boards are created using tempered glass, which is very pleasing to one’s eyes. Other than that, most glass whiteboards boast clean lines and unobtrusive mountings. This minimalistic approach can lend a very sophisticated touch to any setting.

Plus, you can actually order them in a range of colours and sizes too, so that they’re compatible with your décor/design plan.

They’re durable

Glass whiteboards are, as we said earlier, durable. This isn’t just because they don’t stain easily. A major benefit is that they don’t crack unless a lot of force is used. The glass sheets or marker boards are quite thick and strong, which makes them capable of handling a fair bit of pressure.

You might be afraid of causing cracks when writing on them, but, there’s nothing to worry about. They’re designed to handle as much pressure as possible.

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