ShowPoint wall sign system - 90mm

ShowPoint wall sign system - 90mm

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A stylish, curved wall signage system to take printed paper sign inserts.
This versatile signage system features an attractive aluminium curved profile with contrasting end caps. Available in a range of 28 size variants. 4 depths 68mm, 90mm, 120mm and 162mm, to suit the amount and/or size of lettering to be displayed. The printed inserts are easy to install and change with the special suction tool provided. Each sign insert lays flat against its protective clear cover due to the curvature of the design. Each unit is easily mounted by use of their self adhesive backing strips.
Guide to producing the Showpoint wall sign inserts.

Create a document to the size of the Insert required.
Type your information into the document starting with the longest line of text.
Ensure that this fits comfortably within the document size.
Repeat with the same size text for all the other inserts to achieve a consistent look.
To print, ensure the correct printer has been chosen.
Inserts up to 297mm wide should fit on an A4 printer.
Inserts up to 420mm wide should fit on an A3 printer.
Inserts over these widths will require printing on a large format printer.

Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.

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