Whiteboard Cleaning and Tips

Important instructions to prolong the life of your Whiteboard:
1 - ALWAYS clean your whiteboard surface before using it for the first time. Spray the surface with Franken Cleaning
Spray and wipe it with a clean, soft cloth or use Franken cleaning wipes. Rinse with clear water and wipe it dry with a
clean cloth. This step is simple but very important to boost the erasability performance of your surface;
2 - Regular cleaning should be done with a felt eraser. Wipe the board in a circular slow motion to loosen marker
residues. If it still has some residues left draw over the lines with a dry erase marker and wipe again with the board
eraser. If the area is large, spray Franken Cleaning Spray on the stain and wipe clean. Replace the eraser when the felt
is worn;
3 - If your board is used on a daily basis, the cleaning should be performed at least twice per week. More thorough
cleaning may be required if writing is left on the board for more than 2 days;
4 - Use only dry erase markers. NEVER use ball point pens or sharp objects as this will cause permanent damage to the
surface. NEVER use an abrasive cleaner or glass cleaner on your dry erase board. This will remove the finish and impair
the erasability of your board. Water is not an effective cleaner because most dry erase markers are water resistant.
Accidentally used a permanent marker on your board? Draw over the lines with a dry erase marker, then erase as usual.
For heavily marked whiteboards, use Franken Whiteboard Sponge X-Wipe;
5 - ALWAYS use high quality accessories with your boards.