Franken PremiumLine Whiteboard 200 x 100 cm, enamel

PremiumLine Whiteboard 200 x 100 cm, enamel

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Franken Premiumline magnetic Whiteboard enamel 200 x 100 cm. A professional solution that stand for high quality and long lasting products, perfect for training, conference, meeting rooms and classrooms. A sturdy whiteboard with 19mm anodised aluminium frame construction and magnetic enamel surface is ideal for long-term intensive use. Drywipes easily, even after a long period of use and can be assembled landscape or portrait to fit your needs. The surface is not only magnetic drywipe and scratch proof but it is also acid resistant to endure long-term use and comes with a 25-year guarantee. The fixings are concealed through the corners for a sleek look. Marker tray and wall mounting kit is included. The office of the future is a multifunctional space of interaction that foments team work. Our whiteboards are great alternatives to promote it, providing an easier and cleaner way to stay organized.