Why go for a Resist-a-Flame Boards

Why Go for Resist-A-Flame Boards

One of the oldest methods of getting the word out about an event or anything important is by posting details on a notice board. Back in the day, notice boards were simple. You just pinned a sheet of paper on it and hoped that people would read them. You really didn’t care about stuff like durability or strength.

However, thanks to the progress in technology, we have some really cool notice boards out in the market and one of them happens to be “Resist-a Flame” variety.

Frameless Resist-a-Flame noticeboard - 1200 x 1500mm (HxW) - Crimson

In this entry, we are going to look at why you should consider these modern marvels of the notice board world.

They can literally resist fire

These boards are called “Resist-a-Flame” for a reason. They are made using flame-retardant cloth and pinboards that are compliant with the most recent fire safety and building regulations. So, if safety matters to you (which it should) a lot, you should invest in Resist-a-Flame notice boards.

Plenty of options

You have a variety of boards to choose from in this category. Just because they are “Resist-a-Flame” doesn’t mean they lack other benefits. There is a range of Resist-a-Flame notice boards to choose from, each designed to meet a particular set of requirements.

For instance, you can have a double sided, height adjustable Resist-a-Flame notice board with an aluminium frame that measures 1200 mmx1200 mm. You can even choose from a choice of 5 pinboard colours. These boards are perfect for application within industrial settings and public buildings. To see some available options on whiteboardshop.co.za please click here

If that isn’t enough, you can even upgrade to the Resist-a-Flame Tamperproof Noticeboard. As the name indicates, not only are these models flame retardant, they’re also tamper-proof. These tamper-proof boards come with a guarantee of quality. To see some available options on whiteboardshop.co.za please click here

The tamper proofing comes in the form of robust acrylic covers that are further supported by aluminium glazing bars. The result is a structure that is sure to last for years. Offering further security are two locks with identical keys. To see some available options on whiteboardshop.co.za please click here

The tamper-proof boards are ideal if your primary requirement is to prevent notices from being removed or damaged.

There’s something for everybody

Resist-a-Flame boards come in a range of sizes, colour options, and functionalities. For instance, you can have the tamper proof versions in single door or double door formats. The boards can even be positioned in portrait or landscape orientation.

You can have them in sizes such as 1200x2400mm, 1200x900mm, 900x900mm, 600x900mm, 1200x1800mm.

These boards are perfect for public offices, small businesses, factories, schools, universities, and even large corporations.

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