Trying to decide which notice board would be the right one for you can be daunting. There are so many options these days that one can become easily confused. At times like these always consider trusted and tried materials and think of what lasts. No matter what new products or materials may be invented natural, more often than not, especially in this case, is always better.

You can never go wrong with wood. Plastic cracks, metal rusts but wood just keeps on lasting. By its very definition it’s built to last, in any weather. It only needs minimal treatment to preserve it. Paint it or varnish it and your wooden notice board will stand the test of time.

There is a choice of free standing as well as wall mounted wooden noticeboards and both options are durable. Wood is renewable and the manufacturing process of your wooden noticeboard doesn’t harm the environment like so many other products. Wood is completely natural so you know it’s biodegradable and because it ages so well if you use the correct treatment initially it will never become an eyesore.

A great benefit to using a wooden frame notice board is that it is made with the finest quality strong thick durable glass. The glass windows or panels are lockable and once the desired posters or pictures have been placed inside and the glass windows have been closed and locked you can rest assured that they will be perfectly safe for months. There is no need to worry about weather damage to the paper or whatever other medium chosen to display information. It will not get wet as the glass and design of the display casing within the wooden notice board ensures that minimal moisture gets into the display unit.

The Whiteboard Shop stocks the best products which are both quality and value for money because of our competitive prices and our efficient service is always excellent. We have a range of wooden noticeboards and there’s even the option of coloured boards, eg red, blue and white. The sizes range from 1800x1200mm to 1200mmx1200mm. Or speak to one of our consultants about a custom made wooden noticeboard taylor made to your specific requirements. Our professional staff will be able to advise you regarding the size and colour of the board best suited to your needs, as well as answer any other questions that may arise.



Shield Design Whiteboard - 1200 x 1800mm (HxW) - Blue


As you might already know, there are plenty of ways to tell a story. You could actually write one on paper or animate one on your computer. You could also get actors and shoot your own little movie. However, did you know there’s a more novel approach?

It’s called “Whiteboard Animation”. Yes, you guessed it right, you can actually use a Whiteboard to do this. Whiteboards aren’t limited to just classrooms or offices. There’s a lot more you can do with them.

Whiteboard animation involves recording an artist drawing on a whiteboard while explaining a concept or narrating a story. Though a lot of the work is still processed via digital methods, the actual illustrations are done on a whiteboard.

Of course, there are 100% digital versions as well where the whiteboard is recreated digitally. However, we aren’t discussing that here.

Whiteboard stories are effective because they are didactic. The story is communicated in real-time through speech and illustration. As a result, the concepts are reinforced in a far more effective manner.

Additionally, whiteboard storytelling is also very immersive and engaging. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it and in fact, every reason to. Here are a few tips to help you with.

Focus on the Quality of Storytelling

Stories are great, but, they’re even more effective when they’re shared in the right manner. So, make sure you have a great idea or theme for your story. It needs to be attractive in order to get people’s attention. The most effective stories are the ones that people can relate to.

In this case, this could be your classroom, colleagues or even clients.

Add Color

Traditionally, whiteboard videos rely on black illustrations i.e. the artist would draw using a black whiteboard marker. There isn’t anything wrong with this approach and in fact, it’s the recommended way to go about things.

However, a little color in between can always make things better. But, the keyword here is “little”. Don’t go overboard with the color. The purpose of color in such videos is to draw attention towards the important parts of the illustrations.

For instance, if you want to talk about a pen, the pen can be drawn using a color marker instead of the usual black one. The color highlights the pen and maintains it as the central subject of the story. In fact, if you’re creating a brand story, you can use your brand colors.

Maintain the Flow

Drawing a sequence of events on a whiteboard will obviously require you to erase and re-draw. This is okay and a part and parcel of whiteboard storytelling. However, keep it to a minimum. It’s’ better if your story has a consistent flow to it as far as the visuals go.

So, instead of trying to draw one entire scene on the whiteboard, draw multiple scenes. You can even divide the whiteboard into sections and fill each one with subsequent events. This will create the perception of continuous flow.


Play These ESL Games On A Whiteboard

There’s no denying that the many advances in technology have greatly contributed to the field of education and learning. However, since digital tools are the norm today, students rarely feel motivated or interested in the classroom.

Digital teaching aids were a novelty once upon a time, but that novelty has now worn off. Today, a laptop is just another tool. So, how do you get students interested in a topic? Well, you go retro. In this case, we are specifically referring to the use of whiteboards.

Whiteboards can be quite effective in getting students to show interest. In this blog, we are going to explore how whiteboards can be used to play games that enhance ESL (English as a Second Language) sessions.


Jeopardy is a classic TV show game that’s sure to make your students think. For this, you just have to divide the whiteboard into multiple columns. Each column will represent a vocabulary category. You will also have to add rows for point values.

Once that’s done, divide your classroom into two teams. To play the game, each team will have to pick a category and point value that they intend to play for. You will then ask a question related to that category. If they answer right, you erase the point value mentioned and add it to the team’s score. The team with the maximum score wins.


For this, split your class into two. The game involves participants drawing actions, scenarios or even writing words picked up from a set of cards. The objective is for the respective participant’s team-mates to find out what the participant is trying to say based on the drawings they are given as clues.

Tic Tac Toe

Using your whiteboard, you can play a more complex version of tic tac toe. For instance, let’s say you want to test if your students understand simple past sense; start by drawing a 3×3 grid. In each square, write a sentence with a “____” in place of the verb.

Now, get your students to figure out which verb fits in the blank. The team that gets the right answers in the tic tac toe order first, wins.

This can be applied to other subjects as well and not just ESL.


Draw a 5×5 square on the whiteboard and mark out 5 rows and 5 columns. Name each column alphabetically i.e. A, B, C, D, and E. Now, assign a question to each square. However, leave three squares blank. The idea is for teams to pick a square and answer the questions assigned to that square.

However, if they pick a square that doesn’t have a question, they lose points. The game is called earthquake because the points are imagined to have been swallowed up by one.

Writing Race

Here, you write a question on the board and request teams to answer the question. However, instead of answering from their desks or seats, the teams will be required to send one member to answer the question on the whiteboard.

The chosen member will have to race the other team’s chosen member to get to the whiteboard and answer the question.

An Introduction to Glass Whiteboards

If you’ve read some of our earlier blogs, you’d know that we’ve already discussed a lot about whiteboards. However, one particular type of whiteboard that we haven’t covered yet are glass whiteboards. Isn’t that a strange sounding name? “Glass whiteboards”?

Well, it’s not as strange as you think it is and don’t worry, we’re going to be exploring this particular kind of whiteboard in this blog. So, you will know why they’re called glass whiteboards.

Image Credits: Pixabay

What is a glass whiteboard?

Now, we all know that whiteboards are a boon. They are super-functional, durable and can breathe life into your lectures, teaching sessions and other interactive endeavours. Glass whiteboards are quite similar, but, they offer a few extra benefits.

They’re called glass whiteboards because they actually have a layer or sheet of glass laid over on top. In other words, a glass whiteboard is basically a regular whiteboard that has a sheet of glass placed on top. You’re probably wondering why this is done.

Well, there are a specific set of benefits to this, which we will be discussing further. Let’s begin.

They are easier to clean

You use markers to write on your whiteboard. It’s the same for glass whiteboards too. However, there are special glass whiteboard markers that you need to use.

The advantage with glass whiteboards is that when you wipe off your writing, there is almost no residual marker ink. The glass stays spotless and that leads to increased durability. So, if you invest in a glass whiteboard, you can be sure it’ll stay unmarked and spotless for years to come.

Amazing to look at

Whiteboards look good, no doubt. However, glass whiteboards look stunning. Just check out a few images on Google search if you can and you’ll know what we’re talking about. They are outstanding in terms of aesthetics.

In fact, you could just put them up as a decorative element. They’re that great to look at. There’s a reason why some of the most professional spaces such as corporate boardrooms or conference halls use glass whiteboards. They look professional and blend in with the overall aesthetics of such spaces.

The glass sheets or marker boards are created using tempered glass, which is very pleasing to one’s eyes. Other than that, most glass whiteboards boast clean lines and unobtrusive mountings. This minimalistic approach can lend a very sophisticated touch to any setting.

Plus, you can actually order them in a range of colours and sizes too, so that they’re compatible with your décor/design plan.

They’re durable

Glass whiteboards are, as we said earlier, durable. This isn’t just because they don’t stain easily. A major benefit is that they don’t crack unless a lot of force is used. The glass sheets or marker boards are quite thick and strong, which makes them capable of handling a fair bit of pressure.

You might be afraid of causing cracks when writing on them, but, there’s nothing to worry about. They’re designed to handle as much pressure as possible.

How to choose between Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

How to Choose Between Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

Image Credits: Max Pixel

Conference rooms, lecture halls and classrooms can hardly function without them! Whiteboards are permanent fixtures in these settings and have replaced the traditional chalkboards since the 1990s.

Enamelled steel was the material that was used in the earlier whiteboards but later laminated and enamelled porcelain or glass became popular. Here is a comparison that may help you choose the right whiteboard for your office or classroom!

Non-magnetic whiteboards

The non-magnetic whiteboards are made by giving a plastic coating to the hardwood. Being less expensive as compared to porcelain or glass, these melamine boards are a cost effective option for those with budget constraints. The plastic surface needs regular cleaning and maintenance as it is highly susceptible to stains and “ghosting”. The plastic film also tends to wear off in the long run and the whiteboard needs to be replaced anytime between two to five years. These whiteboards are the ideal option for those who need to use it infrequently.

Glass is also used to manufacture non-magnetic whiteboards. Tempered glass that can be frosted, clear or painted, are used to make stronger non-magnetic whiteboards. Tempered glass, although tougher than ordinary glass, can still break when it falls which makes it a not-so-ideal option in schools!

Magnetic whiteboards

Porcelain whiteboards are made from ceramic which is fired onto a steel or aluminium surface. Highly durable and tough, the porcelain boards that have a steel backing are magnetic. Glass whiteboards are also a great addition to offices and classrooms. The technique used to create a magnetic glass-board is by fixing painted tempered glass onto steel surface that has been laminated.

Magnetic whiteboards have the following key features:

  • The porcelain steel-backed magnetic whiteboards are scratch resistant to most materials except very tough ones like the diamond!
  • The magnetic keyboards are not permeable to ink from permanent markers. The tough ceramic coating being highly non-porous, it blocks even the tiniest ink drops from the marker from entering the surface. Stains and “ghosting” are easily avoided with magnetic whiteboards.
  • Glass whiteboards are available in a wide variety of pleasing colours that match the décor and break the monotony in offices.
  • Many types of markers including dry erase, wet erase or liquid chalk can be conveniently used on glass whiteboards that are magnetic.
  • A wide variety of magnets can be used to make the sessions or teaching more interactive and visual.
  • Scheduling tasks, reminders, shift timings, event notes and posts are easy on magnetic whiteboards. You can directly fix write-on magnetic strips, dates, numbers and other accessories on the scratch proof whiteboard.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. After wiping with a non-abrasive cleaner, the surface can be washed with water.
  • An ethanol or acetone-based solvent can be used to remove permanent marker.
  • The magnetic whiteboards have a long life of up to ten to fifteen years.
  • As these non-magnetic whiteboards are highly durable and easy to maintain, they are great value for money and cost effective in the long run.

The choice of whiteboard may depend on many considerations including the frequency of usage, budget, the nature of use and the space available. Magnetic whiteboards have clear advantages if you intend to use magnetic accessories as teaching or communicating aids.

Visit The Whiteboard Shop if you are looking for quality whiteboards (magnetic and/or non-magnetic).

Why Printed Whiteboards are a Great Idea

Why Printed Whiteboards are a Great Idea

Walk into any classroom or lecture hall today and what are you likely to see? Whiteboards in the place of chalkboards. The change isn’t just limited to classrooms or lecture halls; you’ll find whiteboards to be the norm even in churches, corporate boardrooms and hospitals.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re a part of, you are bound to find whiteboards everywhere you go. It’s the standard teaching/instruction aid of today. There are several reasons why whiteboards are so successful. For instance, studies have shown that they make discussions and lectures far more interactive.

But, thanks to another step in the evolution of whiteboards, we’ll be seeing more benefits to using them. Today, we’ll be specifically discussing printed whiteboards. Manufacturers now have the ability to either digitally print whiteboards or use vinyl.

Image Credits: Pixabay

Irrespective of whether its vinyl-printed or digitally printed, printed whiteboards offer a lot of benefits in general. Let’s take a look at few of those benefits.


Now, a plain whiteboard is great for teaching classes and having discussions. However, if your whiteboard is being used for something more process oriented, you can use a printed one. For instance, if you need a board to write down the day’s duties for your employees, you can have one printed with a grid that lists out the objectives and who or what team will be responsible for them. You can have an index-like grid printed out with tags such as “Objective/Target”, “Assigned To” and “Deadline”.

That way, you just have to fill out space under the given categories. There’s no need to write the whole thing from scratch every day. Plus, the detailed way in which the information is organised will make it easier for people to understand.


The other benefit of printed whiteboards is that they can help you with your branding efforts. To be more specific, printed whiteboards will boost your brand identity, which, in turn, will boost your overall branding. Your brand identity is basically the sum total of all the visual branding tools you use. This could include corporate t-shirts, decals, pens and office stationery.

Now, you can add a printed whiteboard to the list. It can do wonders for your brand identity, which is a critical part of branding. It can help restore a sense of loyalty and pride within the organisation. For example, if you were to use a printed whiteboard containing your logo for a client presentation, your client is going to be impressed with the fact that you’re proud of your brand; proud enough to have the logo even on a whiteboard.

Other than that, it has also been observed that the use of printed collateral within the organisation can help establish authority and increase professionalism. For instance, it can help your employees remember and function according to your organisation’s values.

On the whole, it’s great for business.

So, stop waiting and get yourself a printed whiteboard. Even if you don’t have a business to highlight, you can get one for personal use, customised with cool graphics, images and whatnot.

Why Choose Wooden Frame NoticeBoards

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

So, you’re on the lookout for a notice board. Well, as you might already know, there are a ton of options when it comes to noticeboards. Noticeboards can be found in different sizes and materials. However, traditionally speaking, it’s the ones with the wooden frames that have always been the preferred option.

Have you ever wondered why? Well, it’s because of the wood itself. We’ve listed out a few reasons below. Do take a look.


Wood is extremely durable and is known for its longevity. All you need to do is maintain it well, which is easy too. Plus, the strength to weight ratio is excellent. For a material that’s light, it’s also quite strong. So, if you ever want to wall-mount a wooden frame noticeboard, you won’t have a problem.

If you get standing units, you won’t have a problem moving them around.

Renewable & environment-friendly

If the wood used in your wooden frame noticeboard is sourced from a sustainably managed timberland, it’s renewable.

Also, wood is environment-friendly. It has very little impact on the environment and requires less energy to manufacture when compared to other materials like steel or plastic, which are sourced from non-renewable resources.

It’s also biodegradable and recyclable. You can always return wood to the environment. It will decompose like any other organic material. So, there’s no pollution to worry about.

Wood also absorbs CO2 emissions that are known to drive the whole climate change problem. The harmful CO2 gases are stored within the wood, which prevents the gases from leaking out and harming the environment.

To put it simply, you are buying a material that doesn’t affect the environment. So, having a wood frame noticeboard can be great if your place of business happens to be pro-conservation or focused on environmental protection.

Buying a wood frame noticeboard is simply the responsible thing to do. In today’s world, your buying decisions matter a lot and everybody from investors to communities make sure their purchases don’t cause harm to anyone or anything.

So, it makes sense to go for wooden frame noticeboards.

Choose The Whiteboard Shop’s Wooden Frame Notice Boards

As you’ve already been told why wood is a great material, it’s now obviously much easier to understand why choosing a wood frame noticeboard is the right thing to do. But, now, you’re probably wondering why you specifically need to choose wood frame noticeboards from The Whiteboard Shop, right?

Well, barring the fact that the wood we use is beneficial, our noticeboards, as a whole, are stand-out products. We have been making them for years and selling them like hot cakes. People buy them because they stand the test of time and meet all expectations.

Plus, we have a range of wood frame noticeboards to choose from. For instance, you have 3 colour options for the board, that is, red, white and blue. You also get a range of size options such as 1800x1200mm, 1800x1200mm, and 1200x1200mm.

Finally, you get The Whiteboard Shop promise of quality.

4 Smart Ways To Enhance Your Whiteboard Experience

WriteOn Whiteboard wall - 1176 x 1176mm (HxW)

Whiteboards are extensively used as a smart platform for fostering innovation and creativity in the corporate world. Studies indicate that the use of whiteboard offers a myriad of benefits such as better collaboration and brainstorming, effective problem solving and enhanced retention of ideas and concepts. Here is a list of four incredible ways in which you can effectively upgrade the whiteboard experience in your classroom training or corporate endeavors.

Ensure Board Organization

It is absolutely essential to plan out the way you are going to use your whiteboard before a presentation or training session. You can draw a rough sketch of your board on a sheet of paper and actually create a picture of how you would want your board to look in front of the audience. The whiteboard layout is a critical aspect of how the content is perceived by the audience. You can create different zones of scribbling down the aim, errors, charts, working space and so on to ensure that everything is adequately visible to your audience and the concepts do not end up getting muddled.

Ensure legible handwriting size and font

One of the most annoying aspects of whiteboard interaction is an unintelligible scribble that makes focusing on the content extremely daunting. It is not only important to write clearly but also ensure that the size of your font does not exceed an inch per letter. Instead of incorporating larger letters for important ideas and key takeaways, you must make the supporting points smaller in size. Alternatively, you can also use different color markers to highlight a particular concept or create a flowchart of processes.

Incorporate pictorial symbols such as clouds and arrows

An effective method to make your whiteboard content more visually appealing is using symbols such as clouds or arrows to convey a noteworthy message or project a natural flow of thoughts. Whiteboards are all about the visual portrayal of ideas and concepts, and simple yet creative ‘comic book’ symbols such as arrows and clouds can serve to enhance your interactive experience multiple times over. While simple textual content can come across as typically mundane and boring, use of interesting and eye-catching figures will ensure that your ideas are effectively received and retained by the audience.

Ask, then erase

Another aspect of whiteboard learning that can play an obvious damper on your interactive sessions is erasing off the content without taking a confirmation from your audience. Regardless of however neat and creative your presentation might be, it is absolutely essential to ensure that your audience has had sufficient time to grasp the content and take down any points of interest that they might want to retain for future reference. You must make sure to ask your audience if it’s ok to erase the content on the white board and proceed with the next set of ideas before actually doing so.

While the aforementioned points might seem pretty trivial and commonplace, it always helps to get a reminder of the simple aspects that frequently end up slipping through the cracks and going unheeded.

The Importance of Signage

The Importance of Signage

A very important part of running a business is signage. Yes, you might go “that’s obvious”, but, do you really know how important it is? Well, if you don’t, we are going to help you find out. But, before that, let’s get acquainted with a few basic facts and details.

One of the first things about signage is that it allows customers to trust you. Studies tell us that most customers prefer to shop with a brand they’ve heard about. So, it’s obvious that your brand needs signage achieved recognition.

Image Credits: Flickr

Primary function

Signage in the form of sign boards serve as branding tools and even as a silent salesperson. They draw in the high level of attention that you’re looking for and help your business standout from the competition. Similarly, the signage you implement on the inside can help people find their way around the store or the place of business activity.

For example, how would you navigate through a supermarket? You’d obviously look at the signage. To put it simply, signage can boost the level of convenience experienced by customers while establishing a link between them and your business.

Different kinds of signage

As indicated earlier, signage comes in varying shapes, sizes, designs and purposes. Branding signs allow you to highlight your business while safety signs help you maintain safety. There is a sign for anything and everything.


Signage forms a key part of a business’s marketing strategy. A simple sign with the company logo serves as an effective branding tool. Other than that, signage can be leveraged to offer detailed information about your business.

Signage can also serve as a cost-effective method of marketing. Yes, there may be digital alternatives out there, but, when your business isn’t present in the digital landscape, signage becomes necessary. For instance, if you run a small store, a website wouldn’t serve as an ideal marketing tool. You’ll need to depend on signage more than anything else.

The statistics

According to separate studies conducted by researchers from the Economic Center at the University of Cincinnati and marketing solutions company FedEx Office:

  • 76% of customers walked into a business purely by assessing the signage used.

  • 75% of customers engaged in word of mouth marketing purely because they were impressed by a brand’s/business’s signage.

  • 68% of customers made assessments regarding quality about a business based on the way their signage looked.

  • 67% of customers made the decision to purchase from a particular outlet or business based on how attractive their signage was.

  • 60% customers would choose to avoid a business if it did not have signage.

  • 60% of businesses reported a spurt in sales after they made changes to their signage or made it more visible. The average increase was reported to be around 10%.

  • 50% of customers would choose to avoid a business if their signage wasn’t proper, that is if it had spelling errors or appeared to be of low quality.

  • 38% of large businesses use signage for effective branding. For small businesses, signage is primarily used to increase visibility.

So, as you can see, signage matters, and if you want quality signage, The Whiteboard Shop is where you need to go.

Advantages of Interactive Whiteboards


Interactive whiteboards are technology’s take on workplace whiteboards and classroom whiteboards. Although interactive whiteboards are not new, off late, businesses, schools, and universities have been using them extensively because of their various advantages.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Interactive whiteboards can improve business workflow in the following five ways:

Higher engagement during collaborative productions

Unlike traditional whiteboards, interactive whiteboards have higher levels of engagement during collaborative production. Rather than having one-way presentations, all the employees of a business can engage in presentations. For example, they (employees) can use interactive whiteboards to vote or to answer questions from their seat. The interactive whiteboard will instantly collect their responses and display them. As a result of this, the collaborative productions become more interactive, increasing the retention of all the attendees.

Effective communication

With the help of interactive whiteboards, it is easy to communicate with all the employees, including remote attendees, effectively. As a result of this, all the employees and remote attendees who attend meetings and presentations will have the same amount of information. Also, all team members will be on the same page, preventing confusion.

Easier to add notes in documents

Interactive whiteboards are more useful than document sharing in the workplace. Employees can make effective and persistent changes to documents on interactive whiteboards, during the presentation or meeting. There are various tools included in interactive whiteboards, allowing video linking, hyperlinking, estimating, 3D modelling, and more. These tools will boost communication among employees and add more value to the documents. As the writing is concise and clear, there won’t be any form of miscommunication among the employees. For example, unlike traditional whiteboards, employees can perform calculations, move around graphs, and show additional layers of data on interactive whiteboards.

Increased range of interconnectivity and data sharing

Interactive whiteboards are up-to-date with the latest technological trend. As a result of this, the range of interconnectivity and data sharing increases significantly. Using mobile applications available on the Google Play Store and App Store, all employees can connect to interactive whiteboards. Remote attendees and employees can get copies of the data on the interactive whiteboard sent to their smartphones.

Preserves all data

The information displayed on interactive whiteboards come through a connected laptop or desktop. The laptop or desktop projects the information on the whiteboard. Due to this setup, all the modifications and notes users add to documents will be recorded in the laptop/desktop hard drive. Users can also store this information in portable storage options such as pen drives, portable hard disks, and DVDs. As a result of this, employees can reuse and recall this information at any time. However, in traditional whiteboards, the information on it must be manually copied by all the attendees.

As you can see, these are just a few of the many advantages that come with interactive whiteboards. If you want to reap the benefits of interactive whiteboards, why don’t you visit The Whiteboard Shop?

On The Whiteboard Shop, you get the best interactive whiteboards in the market. These interactive whiteboards are useful in schools, universities, factories, small businesses, large corporations, and public offices to name a few.